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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Nimses app SMS verification


Nimses SMS verification

Nimses it's a new popular social media application, Instagram similar. With Nimses you can earn NIMS, 1 nim every minute. How to activate a lot of Numses accounts and make a lot of Nims? For Nimses account verification, you can use virtual or real mobile numbers for account activation.

Virtual mobile numbers for SMS:
Real mobile numbers for SMS verification, you can activate a lot of accounts:

SMS verificaton

Download Nimses app for Android or iOS (iphone, ipad).

For Number verification, choose UK or US country. If you register a lot of accounts, be sure, that you change ip, to prevent any limitation.

You will receive Verification code, type this code in empty fields.
Type your account information. Done, now you Nimses account activated.
Nimses Nimses

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  1. I always cap out at 3 accounts that I can create on a given device. Is there a way around this? I have tried a VPN but no luck.