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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Yandex Kassa Payments Token for Telegram Bot

Yandex Kassa Telegram Bot Kassa Payments Telegram Bot

How to get token for Money receiving with Telegram BOT through Yandex Kassa? In this tutorial, i will show you, how to get Token Yandex Kassa, without account. This Test Token, you can use to generate Test Telegram Bot invoice and receive Payments.

Mobile numbers for Telegram Verification Online:

Go to @botfather and type /mybots
Select bot from list, then press Payments => Yandex Kassa
Yandex Kassa Telegram Bot

Yandex Kassa Telegram Bot

Press Yandex Kassa TEST to generate new Token. In this mode, you can make test payments and generate new Telegram bot invoice, without Yandex account. You will be forwarded to @YandexCheckoutTestBot This bot will send you special code. Send this code back and you will receive complete message.

Go back to @botfather There you will find Kassa token for money receiving from Telegram Bot. This token you ca insert into provider_token field and send to Telegram API, to generate Invoice.

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