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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to get Free Nims in Nimses

How to get Free Nims in Nimses

You can earn a lot of free nims with Nimses app. Nims is virtual currency in new app. Nims as Bitcoin can be sold or exchanged. You can sell and exchange nims and earn real money.
You can send invitation code, invite your friends and family. This promotional code gives you 4320 nims for FREE.
Virtual numbers for SMS receiving:
Numbers for SMS verification Nimses:

Enter this code in registration process and earn free 1400 Nims on your Nimses balance instantly: 54e90imcp1

Free Nims

You can earn 1 nim, every minute for Free. You can register a lot of Nimses accounts and send Nims money from all fake accounts to your personal one. You will receive Nims every minuts for all your accounts. Then you will be able to resell or exchange in Nimses market or sell and earn real money, personally in groups.

For mass Nimses account registration, you will need a lot of Virtual mobile numbers. You can also use real mobile numbers for Nimses SMS verification. This numbes not free, but its investment in your future profit. You will earn more money with Nimses market.

Virtual numbers for SMS receiving:
Numbers for SMS verification Nimses:

If you will register your Nimses fake accounts with your promo codes, you will earn 5800 nims for every new Nimses account. Then resend all nims to you account. PROFIT!

Nims are new Bitcoin. Get Nims now for free, collect and sell. Earn real money!


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