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Thursday, June 8, 2017

How to Buy, Sell and exchange Nims in Nimses


Buy, Sell and exchange Nims in Nimses

At this moment, you can buy, sell or exchange Nims by Nimses, only in or Facebook groups. You can find Nimses markeg group and sell it directly to another user. In june, Nimses will be launch, official exchange market place. There you can sell, buy products and services or exchange Nims to real money.

How much Nims worth in real money?

Nims are virtual currency, similar as Bitcoin. Every minute you will earn 1 nim for free. Press right top button in Nimses app, to get exchange price. Nimses supports Euro, US dollars, Japanese yen only.

Where i can download Nimses app for Android or iOS Iphone and Ipad? Here =>
Get 1400 nims for FREE: registration code 54e90imcp1

Nims virtual money price up to 01.02.2018:
1 Nim = 0.001 USD
1 Nim = 0.0014 EUR
1 Nim = 0.13 Yen
Now currency price are fixed, but on the next year it will be corrected by market demand. article about how to get Free nims:

Virtual numbers for SMS:
Real mobile numbers for SMS verification online Nimses:

1400 nims = 1 dollar
5760 nims = 5 dollars
20000 nims = 20 dollars
and more. If you have a lot of Nims, you can convert it to real money and get profit.

How to sell or exchange nims in Nimses app

At this time, you can sell or exchange nims to real money, only if you have 43830 nims on your Nimses balance.


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