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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Telegram X SMS verification and account registration


Telegram X SMS verification and account registration

Telegram X
Telegram, released a new telegram X application, which is available for iOS iPhone and iPad. This application has a dark design and created on Swift. Telegram X works more smoothly and stably.
Download Telegram X for iPhone and iPad:
At this time, you can download Telegram X at app store only.
Telegram X Telegram X
For Telegram X registration, you need to use mobile number. You can't register Telegram X account without mobile phone number. Enter your personal phone number. Telegram X will send you verification SMS code for confirmation. Confirm phone number by entering sms code. After entering sms code, confirm the permission to add contacts and receive notifications.

mobile numbers for telegram

Mobile phone numbers for Telegram SMS verification:

Done! Now your Telegram X account registered and activated.

Telegram X Telegram X
If, you already have telegram account, you can use old number to entry in the Telegram X. All messages, channels and groups subscriptions, contacts from the old account will be available in the new Telegram X.