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Thursday, August 24, 2017

how to bypass google verification code - a lot of accounts with one number

google account

how to bypass google verification code - a lot of accounts with one number

With Google account, you can use a lot of Google services ( Gmail, Youtube and other). If you need more than one google account, but you have only one phone number for account verification, you can use alternative methods to complete registration.

Google account without phone number

How to complete Google registration without phone number verification? Once a week with new IP address, you can register account without entering your phone number. Be aware, if you will use same ip for new account registration, your previous account will be forwarded to phone verification.

Google account SMS verification

With one phone number, you can register up to 4 google accounts.
google account
If you need register google account anonymously (without personal number or sim-card), you can use dedicated real mobile numbers US or UK for sms receiving.
All numbers are new, and never used twice.
With google, you can use only real mobile numbers for verification, any other numbers will be rejected. Google has proxy checker system, for every new account, i recommend you to use IPv6 SOCKS5 proxy. 1 account - 1 proxy USA proxy, Russia and Ukraine USA, Germany, Russia
google account
First activation will be by SMS. With this method you can open a 2 new accounts. Don't forget about new proxy address for any new account.
google account

Number verification by Phone call receiving

Next 2 accounts, you can register with phone call receiving. Google robot will call you and gives you verification code. Press Get a Call button.
google sms verification
Do not recommend to merge 2 numbers with one account. Don't enter second number as contact number. Google will check it, and next time will put restrictions with this accounts.
google sms verification

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